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Twitter Steps Up as First Major Social Platform to Permit Cannabis Advertisement!

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Twitter has stepped up as the first major social platform to permit cannabis advertising, signaling a growing acceptance of the industry nationwide. This historic move is a sign of progress for cannabis businesses looking to promote their products and services on a wide variety of advertising channels.

For the first time ever, Twitter will now accept advertisements from cannabis-related companies, including dispensaries, cultivators, product manufacturers, and related services. Making it the first major social media platform to open up cannabis advertising.

Previously, Twitter had been one of the most cannabis intolerant social networks, having taken down or suspended accounts related to the cannabis industry. This decision to allow cannabis advertising is a major step toward the normalization of marijuana in the United States.

The new advertising policy requires advertisers to use their own websites for targeting and measuring the effectiveness of their campaigns, as well as a list of prohibited content, targeting, and other restrictions. Brands are also subject to compliance checks to ensure their campaigns are in line with Twitter’s policy.

Advertisers must also certify that their ad campaigns only target Twitter users in places where cannabis advertising is legal. This policy is essential to protecting Twitter from liability, as many states still have prohibitions on cannabis.

With Twitter’s new policy in effect, cannabis brands now have a powerful new way to reach their target audiences. Twitter's vast user base, expansive targeting capabilities, and measurable results make it an invaluable tool for cannabis businesses to reach potential customers.

Not only is this a major breakthrough for cannabis businesses, but it could also have an important cultural impact by helping to normalize the industry. Thanks to Twitter's progressive stance on cannabis advertising, marijuana businesses have a new platform to reach their markets in an organic way, as opposed to relying on ad networks that may not be as receptive to cannabis-related marketing.

Twitter's embrace of cannabis advertising will no doubt be seen as an encouraging sign for cannabis businesses around the world. It's a sign of a more accepting world for cannabis businesses, and one can only hope that other major social networks will follow Twitter's lead in the near future.

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